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Check Knit Blazer
Brooks Brothers
Sold by: Brooks Brothers

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If there’s ever an appropriate time to show off your sartorial know-how and make a fashion statement at work, it’s at the office party. This unlined knit wool sport coat from Brooks Brothers has a contemporary fit (trimmer than traditional Brooks Brothers pieces) that gives this jacket the proper sleek and hip look. Keep the rest of your outfit subtle, with a blue oxford or denim shirt and charcoal wool pants or dark jeans. You can even add a solid navy wool or knit tie for that final finishing piece.
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The Office Holiday Party: Gents’ Festive Dressing Series, Part 1 (of 3)

We can’t speak for everyone, but we often talk about how quickly time goes by. Life is all about the preparation, and with that in mind, we’re here to start helping you get ready for all the holiday parties that will bombard your schedule in just a few weeks. After all, you’ll need something to wear. So from now until Thanksgiving, that’s going to be our focus. Each week we’ll talk about a different kind of Holiday celebration - work parties, dressier and truly festive parties, and casual get-togethers with friends and family. We kick it off this week with what to wear for the Holiday Office Party.

The office party might be one of the trickier events to dress for this holiday season. You want to look appropriate to the occasion, but you are still going to be with people you work with everyday – people who report to you, and people you report to. We find that the office party can usually be broken down in to 2 types that often take place right after work (excluding a more formal outing, which we’ll talk about next week).

We’re breaking them down below, and then putting 2 outfits together for each in this week’s Fashion Finds, “4 Office Holiday Party Outfits: Appropriate Style for the Gents”. Whether you stick with more conservative style or want to play with some festive flair, we’re here to help you feel confident and appropriate in what you’re wearing, so you can concentrate on the more important office dynamics.

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BOSS Hugo Boss - Herringbone Two-Button Jacket with Removable Gilet
Outside the Office. Whether you’re going to a bar or restaurant or even going to a local music or comedy show, you’ll probably head straight from the office to the party. So you’ll want to wear something for the day that can easily transition into an evening look. Keep your outfit work-friendly, while you embrace the holiday spirit with some festive flair. Something as simple as a pair of wool trousers and a great vest or sport coat, like this one from Hugo Boss, will have you fitting in– and in style. The zip-out quilted gilet (that’s basically a vest) adds a sporty, more casual feel that you can layer in as you head out of the office, while the charcoal herringbone wool jacket is great on its own all day long. It’s also a great backdrop for that holiday tie – we’re not talking about a tie with a light-up Rudolph nose, but one in a great plaid or festive red will do the job. SEE 2 OUTFIT IDEAS IN THIS WEEK’S FASHION FINDS.
Peter Millar - Leather-Placket Quarter-Zip Pullover Sweater
Peter Millar - Leather-Placket Quarter-Zip Pullover Sweater
Leather-Placket Quarter-Zip Pullover Sweater
Peter Millar
Sold by: Neiman Marcus

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In the Office. Your company is ensuring they take the time to celebrate the team, and give everyone a chance to take a break together. So, whether it’s a potluck or a catered event in the conference room, give the party the attention it deserves. Since you won’t be leaving the office or changing, giving your office-appropriate pieces a seasonal twist will give you the right holiday air. Plaids and deep colors are great options, whether it’s in a sport shirt or a sweater, like this Peter Millar in dark, rusty red. The modern fit is easy to layer over a plaid shirt with khakis, dark jeans, or charcoal wool pants – all your basic office staples. And they’ll look instantly festive once you add this sweater. It will even add that right cheery color pop under a navy blazer. SEE 2 OUTFIT IDEAS IN THIS WEEK’S FASHION FINDS.

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