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Classic Fit Stripe Wool Suit
Peter Millar
Sold by: Nordstrom

Fit Guide
A dark, dressy suit is a gent’s best friend during the holiday party season. If you’re not sure how dressy the event is, you’ll never go wrong with this tonal stripe, navy suit from Peter Millar. The modern fit works for every gent, and most every occasion. You can also easily wear it to the office, so you’ll get plenty of wear out of it – and can effortlessly hit any weeknight holiday party straight from work with a simple white spread collar shirt and an easy change of your tie for a festive touch. Keep your shoes dark and classic – lace ups, no loafers – and if dancing is part of the evening, leave the rubber soled shoes at home.
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The Elegant Holiday Bash: Gents’ Festive Dressing Series, Part 2 (of 3)

As we continue our series on Holiday Party Dressing, we move our focus on to those dressier parties. (If you missed it, we covered Office Parties last week, and if your office party is more formal, you’re in the right place here.) These are truly festive affairs, where you can take the opportunity to show some sartorial know-how. Holiday colors and patterns will get you in the spirit, especially with all the shades of red and green that are so prevalent this season. And, hey, if you are a gent who likes rich texture, like velvet, this is your chance to shine.

Within the world of “dressy” affairs, there are 2 levels, as you can see below. Once you’ve checked out the details to see which parties apply to you this season, head over to this week’s Fashion Finds, “4 Elegant Holiday Bash Outfits: Dapper Duds for the Gents”, to see 2 outfits we’ve put together for each type of party. Whether you show your holiday style in a classic or style-forward way, we’ll help you get ready to have some fun, and feel great about how you look.

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David Donahue - Conner Classic Fit Plaid Wool & Cashmere Sport Coat
Cocktail Party/Dressy Sit-down Dinner. Everyone loves a good cocktail party or amazing sit-down dinner over the holidays, right? So upbeat, even if it’s hosted by your employer. Whether you’ll be mingling with co-workers, friends and family, or people involved with your favorite charity, a stocked bar and good food will hopefully be your backdrop. A suit with a pop of festive flare– whether it is the pattern of the suit or your choice of shirt and tie - will fit the occasion. A sophisticated sport coat, like this dark patterned David Donahue, and charcoal wool trousers, with a patterned shirt and bright holiday tie is the right strong sartorial choice, if you know the venue is a bit more casual. The luxe wool and cashmere Italian tweed and modern fit will ensure you are comfortable and one of the best dressed guests at the party. Add an additional touch of holiday spirit with a red, green or blue pocket square that compliments but does not exactly match your tie to show your sartorial know-how. SEE 2 OUTFIT IDEAS IN THIS WEEK’S FASHION FINDS.
BOSS Hugo Boss - Windowpane Two-Piece Wool Suit
BOSS Hugo Boss - Windowpane Two-Piece Wool Suit
Windowpane Two-Piece Wool Suit
BOSS Hugo Boss
Sold by: Neiman Marcus

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Fit Guide
Formal Celebration. Now, we’re getting serious about our party fun – in the classiest of ways, of course. For a holiday party like this, there is often music and dancing, and (hopefully) some signature holiday cocktails. A formal holiday party means one of two things –a great tuxedo if black tie is specified; or, a sleek suit. This contemporary fitting, subtly patterned suit from Hugo Boss is made of an Italian wool that has a sophisticated luster, giving it just the right party air and balancing the subtle grey windowpane pattern in the dark blue fabric. Keep it dressy by adding a spread collar white shirt - French cuffs will really elevate your look. And don’t forget that tie with some festive holiday color. SEE 2 OUTFIT IDEAS IN THIS WEEK’S FASHION FINDS.

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