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Clothes & Conversation: Men's Sartorial Tips

Japanese Denim Sport Shirt
Peter Millar
Sold by: Neiman Marcus

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Why is it a Closet Essentials Staple? Denim in every way, remains a key look, so a denim shirt continues to look as good as ever. This Japanese cotton one from Peter Millar is in a shirt weight that is great now and throughout the cold season.
Wear it with NOW: White or tan pants and shorts pair easily with this shirt for the end of Summer. And it works with color, like faded red, too.
Wear it with LATER: As the weather cools, this shirt is equally versatile with all the deeper neutrally hued (deep taupe, grey, tan) pants you have in your closet, and even works with dark wash jeans or corduroys in a dark fall color. It is a perfect solid button up shirt to layer under sweaters and tweedy sport coats, as well.
Fit Tip: The fit is modern, looking good on most every gent.
Alternatives: If you prefer a slimmer, contemporary fit, this Theory shirt is for you.
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New Closet Essentials to Transition from Summer to Fall

Most days are still warm out, but there’s no denying fall is just around the corner. Are you ready? More importantly (to us;)), is your closet? Now is the perfect time to clean it up, and make sure you have the essentials you need to transition from this season to next with ease.

You may recall us talking about the best way to clean out your closet around this time last year and we are still believers of the “Keep” (go-to confidence building pieces), “Donate” (clothes in great condition that you just don’t wear can go to deserving organizations like Bridge to Success), “Toss” (if it’s in bad condition, and just doesn’t make you feel good, it’s time to go), and “Add” (our favorite!) process.

So this week's Fashion Finds, "10 Transitional Closet Essentials", ensures you will transition seasons with ease - hanging on to some favorites that still appear timeless, while adding some pieces you can wear now and in the season to come. Let us know what you think through the comments section below and on social media.
BOSS Hugo Boss - Hadwart Trim Fit Cotton Blend Blazer
BOSS Hugo Boss - Hadwart Trim Fit Cotton Blend Blazer
Hadwart Trim Fit Cotton Blend Blazer
BOSS Hugo Boss
Sold by: Nordstrom

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