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Ribbed Knit & Quilted Bomber Jacket
Peter Millar
Sold by: Neiman Marcus

Fit Guide
Why is it a Find? Is it a cool sweater? A functional bomber jacket? All depends on the day, gents. This Peter Millar hybrid captures the bomber style trend of the season in a comfortable wool/cotton knit that is accented with a quilted front for a more substantial feel - with all the same ease of a great sweater. So wear it as outerwear or as a finishing piece to your outfit…you don’t have to decide now.
Wear it with: It has just so many uses. Early in the season, it’s all you’ll need as a jacket when you step out in your khakis or jeans. Once it gets cooler, you’ll still just wear it over a button up shirt or long sleeve t-shirt, but you'll keep it on indoors and layer a true winter coat over it when you step out. It’s versatility will get you from desk to dinner, and all through the weekends.
Fit Tip: The fit is modern, great looking on most every gent. Size up for an easier fit, or down for a truly trim fit.
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The Gents’ Fall Fashion Guide

It’s that time of year again… our Annual Fall Must-Haves List is here. What’s making the cut this year?

Gents, you know we are not big believers in filling your closet with trendy, off the runway, kind of stuff. But we do always want you to look modern and updated. For this season, that means continuing to work in pattern of all types, especially plaid, in colors of deep red, rich green, dusty blues (dark and light), and every shade of brown from amber to mahogany. They’ll ensure all of those timeless greys, olives and navys already in your wardrobe continue to look fresh. And make sure that includes some good black pieces because it's feeling really new again. (We’ll go into more depth on color in a few weeks.)

In terms of style, the worlds of athleisure and tailored office-ready looks have officially collided. In realizing how office culture has been swinging from formal to casual, many work places are happily falling in the middle, and fashion trends are reflecting that. From suits without ties to sneakers that have a decidedly more polished feel, merging the two ends of the spectrum highlights today's modern blurring of the “work” and “life” lines. So make sure you have pieces like a track suit-inspired jacket, and a sweater that can replace a sport coat for functional go-to's that give you the right updated look. This blending of dress and casual makes it easy to get plenty of wear out of new wardrobe Finds from the office straight through the weekend.

This week’s Fashion Finds, “20 Must-have Updates for Fall”, showcases the Finds of the season that will round out and update your wardrobe for the season ahead. Let us know what you think through the comments section below and on social media.
Vince - Manhattan Trim Fit Plaid Sport Shirt

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