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Lambswool Mixed Fair Isle Crewneck Sweater
Sold by: J.Crew

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Why is it a Find? Seasonal pattern sweaters are a natural this time of year. J.Crew is known for their holiday sweaters and this lambswool Fair Isle pattern captures the season in colors that are just right. Since they don’t scream holiday, you’ll reach for this sweater all winter long. The soft lambswool is comfortable and the affordable price makes it an easy addition to your holiday wardrobe.
Wear it with: Dress it up with charcoal grey wool pants and a white button up shirt. For a more casual look, it is just as good-looking with jeans and a white t-shirt or casual shirt underneath. Layer it over a red or green button up shirt if you want a pop of holiday color – or add the color in your pants, since the neutral navy/cream combination goes with everything.
Fit Tip: The fit is modern, great on most every gent. For an easier fit, size up.
Alternatives: If you are looking for true holiday color, this J.Crew sweater will definitely get you in the spirit.
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Our Complete Gents’ Holiday Dressing Guide: From Thanksgiving Gatherings to Every Type of Holiday Party

They’re coming. You know what we’re talking about –the holiday social gatherings. It starts off with Thanksgiving. The office holiday party is usually next on the calendar. And then the season really starts kicking into gear, often with dressier cocktail parties and more formal celebrations. We’re tackling them all this week with your Complete Holiday Dressing Guide. (And we’ll be talking about some casually cozy dressing for those home visits and ski trips after Thanksgiving.)

Fall fashions have really lent themselves to a seamless transition for the upcoming holidays. Shades of oranges, rusts, and burnt reds, as well as rich greens and browns – they all scream for a Thanksgiving table and roll right into true holiday wear. And with plaids, ski-like intarsia patterns, rugged wools, and toothy tweeds so prominent for fall, it's no surprise to see them as must-have looks for the holiday party season. Of course, what we see in magazines and in trendy store displays isn't necessarily how we're going to suggest wearing today’s styles. As you know, we recommend modern and updated looks that don't veer too far into “flash in the pan” fashions. But they do easily translate for every fashion personality. After all, we believe in good quality and want you to wear this stuff again. So, what is our advice for this season’s holiday party circuit?

Seasonally Casual Looks: From pumpkin pie and football on Thanksgiving Day to tree trimming parties and drinks around the fireplace, casual looks with a festive flare are a must. Think wintery patterns, autumnal hues, and every shade of red or deep green – they work for every holiday from Thanksgiving to New Years. Playing with the colors of the season in timelessly easy pieces like sweaters, simple button up shirts, jeans and pants make it easy to be modern looking – and still comfortable. After all, what’s the fun of the season if you can’t eat and drink, and still feel confident in how you look?;) SEE 2 OUTFIT IDEAS IN THIS WEEK’S FASHION FINDS>>

Office Party Style: Walking the line between office appropriate and holiday-right can always be tricky. You want to maintain a level of professionalism, and still give off an air of “fun”. So for party day (whether it takes place in the office or somewhere else), as long as it’s not a truly dressy affair, we recommend sticking with silhouettes you would normally wear to the office, and doing them in more festive colors and fabrics. For example, if you often wear a suit to work, choose a stylish plaid tie to go with it. For a more casual environment, a plaid button-down under a tweed or corduroy sport coat with dark jeans will look just right. Need something in between? You’ll never go wrong with a dapper pair of deep-toned trousers, button up shirt, and a cardigan in a rich shade of red, green, or blue. SEE OUR OUTFIT IDEA IN THIS WEEK’S FASHION FINDS>>

Dressy Celebration Fashions: From cocktail parties to dinner and dancing galas, there is no better opportunity to really show off some festive style. And that doesn’t mean a silly tie or Santa hat. If you like some texture, this is a perfect opportunity to break out a sleek velvet blazer. Black remains as timelessly cool-looking as ever, and adding accents in shades of red, green, blue, or silver turn a basic suit into something just right for the season. SEE OUR OUTFIT IDEA IN THIS WEEK’S FASHION FINDS>>

This week’s Fashion Finds, “The Holiday Lookbook: 4 Outfits from Casual to Dressy”, has the 4 outfits that will get you through every holiday get-together and party in the weeks ahead. And when you’re not off celebrating, mix-and-match the pieces with your existing wardrobe to update your winter look all season long. Let us know what you think through the comments section below and on social media.
Bugatchi - Shaped Fit Check Sport Shirt
Bugatchi - Shaped Fit Check Sport Shirt
Shaped Fit Check Sport Shirt
Sold by: Nordstrom

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