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Snowflake Wool & Cotton Crewneck Sweater
Sold by: Nordstrom

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Why is it a Find? The tonal snowflake pattern of this Grayers sweater has a sophisticated wintry look that means you can wear a holiday-feeling sweater that doesn’t fall into that “ugly Christmas sweater” category. The wool and cotton blend is soft and comfortable, perfect for all those family gatherings and evenings out with friends this time of year.
Wear it with: The mix of deep blue and teal accents makes it easy to dress this sweater up with wool pants or dress it down with jeans. It’s really sharp looking layered over a solid blue chambray or white washed oxford button up shirt, and adds a handsome pop under a navy blazer.
Fit Tip: The fit is contemporary, keeping the look modern and updated. Size up for an easier fit.
Alternatives: If you prefer an easier fit, this Vineyard Vine sweater is a great alternative.
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Cozy Holiday Downtime Dressing: Balance Festive Style & Comfort

It’s the most wonderful time of the year...well, almost. Thanksgiving is behind us and now it’s full speed ahead to Christmas and Chanukah – and hopefully, some time off. Whether you're staying home, going to stay with relatives (or having them stay with you), or even renting a house with a group of friends or family somewhere for a week of skiing and drinking by the fire, this time of year is focused on relaxing and spending time with loved ones. And we’re all about what you’ll be wearing for comfy and stylish ease.

Hangin’ at Home. The best part of holiday downtime is that truly relaxed time just hanging out – watching holiday movies, decorating the house, cooking, and wrapping presents. Casual and comfortable is the name of the game, but do it in style. An updated pair of sweatpants or super comfortable jeans with a hoodie, flannel, thermal, or soft sweater and cool sneakers will feel good and look even better. SEE OUR OUTFIT IDEA IN THIS WEEK’S FASHION FINDS>>

Venturing Out. As much as we love to hibernate this time of year, last minute shopping trips to the mall are usually unavoidable. And going to the movies or grabbing a drink at the neighborhood bar is just part of the fun. You’ll want to look presentable, but it’s still all about relaxed comfort. Jeans, twill pants, or corduroys with a pop of holiday color or pattern in your top and a great pair of shoe/boots will have you showing your holiday spirit in comfortable style. SEE OUR OUTFIT IDEA IN THIS WEEK’S FASHION FINDS>>

Extended Family Gathering/Dinner. When the cousins, aunts and uncles, and close family friends come by for snacks or dinner, the atmosphere is still casual, but you want something a little nicer and more festive than your sweats. A good-looking sweater over a holiday-ready plaid button up with dark jeans or khakis create a polished look that you can still happily eat seconds in. SEE OUR OUTFIT IDEA IN THIS WEEK’S FASHION FINDS>>

Mornings/Bedtime. Having a pair of “presentable” PJ’s for lounging around or opening presents is a must – gents, leave your old college sweats at home for less social nights and mornings. SEE OUR OUTFIT IDEA IN THIS WEEK’S FASHION FINDS>>

The 4 outfits in this week’s Fashion Finds, “4 Holiday Casual Looks for Laidback Days & Nights”, are just as easy to pack as they are to wear, since you can mix-and-match, and don’t need to worry about too many precious fabrics that are hard to fold/easily wrinkle. Let us know what you think through the comments section below and on social media. Happy Holidays!
Jack Spade - Mock Neck Sweater
Jack Spade - Mock Neck Sweater
Mock Neck Sweater
Jack Spade
Sold by: Nordstrom

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