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Clothes & Conversation: Men's Sartorial Tips

Crown Soft Quarter-Zip Birdseye Pullover Sweater
Peter Millar
Sold by: Neiman Marcus

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Why is it a Find? Peter Millar’s cotton and silk blend sweater highlights “the” color of the season, gents. Yup, pink. The soft salmon shade is timeless yet updated. The Birdseye pattern (which mixes white in with the pink) keeps the color subtle, and is nicely highlighted with solid trim.
Wear it with: This sweater is perfect for the office, an evening out, or a day at the golf club. While it works with all of your neutral cotton pants and shorts, it also holds up to a little color – like pale blue – and looks great with a pair of lighter wash jeans. Layer it over solid or pattern button up shirts or a simple, white t-shirt.
Fit Tip: The fit is modern, ideal for most every gent in your normal size.
Alternatives: There are two other great color options through the ‘shop it’ button, too.
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Your Must-Haves for the Next Season: Spring’s Evolution

Evolution is the name of the game this Spring season, taking existing style to a great new level. Influences from the athletic world evolve, creating awesome options that blur the lines of casual and sophisticated, whether you choose a new shirt, pair of sneakers, or upscale baseball hat. Military and nautical inspirations also continue to get updates in both tops and bottoms, giving refinement to these recurring trends that make them truly worthy of investing in.

Color evolves, as well. Blue is as important as ever, and it takes on Spring hues of every shade, from aqua to mid tones and bolder, lapis blues. White is a blank slate of sophistication. It creates a crisp pop against neutrals you already own, as well as some of the more vibrant colors of the season. Yellows, greens, and especially pinks are the perfect Spring pick-me-ups, updating the more muted tones of this past season. And evolution even shines through in pattern, with stripes, ginghams, plaids, and graphic prints looking new again in this season’s colors and styles.

These updated looks of the season are great news for things already hanging in your closet. This week’s Fashion Finds, “20 New Spring Wardrobe Must-Haves”, will easily coordinate with many of the core pieces you already own, and give them a new look for the season ahead.

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Vince - Unstructured Sport Coat
Vince - Unstructured Sport Coat
Unstructured Sport Coat
Sold by: Neiman Marcus

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