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Clothes & Conversation: Men's Sartorial Tips

Golden Fleece® Rose Plaid Sport Coat
Brooks Brothers
Sold by: Brooks Brothers

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Why is it a Find? For the gent ready for to step up his sartorial know-how, this Brooks Brothers sport coat is a true Find. From the Golden Fleece collection, the rose color fabric is made from Lora Piana's silk and lightweight cashmere – that’s the good stuff, true luxury. The jacket has a soft, minimal construction that is perfect for a comfortable and casual warm weather look - appropriate for an event, the office or out to dinner.
Wear it with: Don’t be surprised when we tell you that this color is really easy to pair with lots of things already in your closet. Dress it up with neutral khakis or wool pants (tan, stone or grey), and a simple blue or white button up shirt. You can even add a solid navy knit tie for a finishing touch. For a more relaxed look, pair it with dark or medium wash jeans, and a solid washed cotton or linen button up shirt.
Fit Tip: It has a modern silhouette, with a comfortable gentleman’s fit.
Alternatives: If you prefer trimmer, contemporary fit at a budget-friendly price, this JKT New York pattern blazer is for you.
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Spring’s Upbeat Color Story: Think Rainbows & Cotton Candy, Gents

Spring is always about color, and this Spring really takes that to heart. With many silhouettes subtly evolving from Fall, as we talked about a couple of weeks ago, color is even more front and center than usual. Rich hues really make things look fresh and new, and there is a large array to choose from. Whether you like bold, soft, or neutral, you won’t be disappointed.

ROYGBIV Rainbow. Spring’s color story is all about the rainbow. Really. The full rainbow palette can be found on everything from t-shirts to ties. Individually, each of the saturated, rich hues make a Spring statement that is modern, yet grounded in the most timeless of colors from red to orange to yellow…well, you get the idea.

Cotton Candy. Like a beautiful array of cotton candy, or that Baskin-Robbins rainbow sherbet you loved as a kid, soft - yet vibrant - pastels of the season may also conjure up memories of some of your favorite childhood outfits. But don't worry gents, there are many wonderfully grown up and modern ways to wear them. (Fun fact: The "Baskin" in "Baskin-Robbins" is the same family as the Baskins, who founded and still own Mark Shale.)

Unbiased Neutrals. Neutrals are both soft and bold. Black, navy, and white create sharp contrasts whether you choose to wear them together or with any of the colors noted above. Soft tans and greys look sophisticated on their own, and olives highlight the military trend that continues.

Head over to this week’s Fashion Finds, “Spring Color Finds: Bold, Cheery…and Wearable” for our top wardrobe updates that will add some colorful life to your closet. We can’t wait to hear about your color favorites and purchases through the comments section below and on social media.
Peter Millar - Heather Interlock Quarter-Zip Sweater
Peter Millar - Heather Interlock Quarter-Zip Sweater
Heather Interlock Quarter-Zip Sweater
Peter Millar
Sold by: Neiman Marcus

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