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Classic Fit Sharkskin Wool Suit
Sold by: Nordstrom

Fit Guide
Why is it a Find? A dark navy suit is a gent’s best wedding friend. It is always appropriate and looks dapper. The all wool sharkskin Italian fabric of this Samuelsohn suit is lightweight, with a smooth finish that has a slight luster for a dressy look. A nod to Samuelsohn’s high-end quality, they use canvass construction in the suit jacket – adding a layer of canvas that sits between the outer suit fabric and the inner lining to hold structure and shape - that results in a more comfortable fit and an overall more durable garment. This is a suit you will enjoy for all kinds of events for many years.
Wear it with: The beauty of this navy suit is versatility. For a “black tie optional” wedding, stick to a white spread collar shirt with a dressy tie that has small pattern. For a semi-formal wedding, a quiet pattern dress shirt and bolder tie looks updated and appropriate. And if you’re attending an afternoon or outdoor wedding, stretch your sartorial style with a bolder pattern dress shirt and colorful coordinating tie.
Fit Tip: This suit has a modern silhouette, with plenty of room for most every gent.
Alternatives: If you prefer a trim, contemporary fit, this Hugo Boss suit is a great choice.
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Gents' Wedding Guest Outfit Guide: Spring & Summer Edition

Ah, wedding season is upon us. What fun times...unless you don't know what to wear. Then, your heart goes from being filled with love to being filled with dread. So let's get back to that happy place with a little of our outfit guidance.

Formal. While “Black Tie” is pretty clear, (yup, a tuxedo), “Black Tie Optional” and alike, can be a little trickier. Most of those sit-down dinner affairs, perhaps at a country club or hotel, often fall into this category. There may be an outdoor component, perhaps the ceremony or cocktail hour. “Black tie optional” of course, means just that – feel free to wear your tux. You don’t have to, though. We suggest sticking with a conservative dark suit, crisp shirt, and dressy tie. Since this is still a festive occasion, you can play with some seasonal color in your tie or pocket square. SEE THE OUTFIT>>

Semi-formal, Dressy, Festive.
You should stick with a suit to cover all of these. These types of weddings are often evening cocktails/passed hors d’oeuvres or dinner, champagne/dessert, brunch, high tea, or lunch. They may be indoors, but they may also be in an upscale, outdoor setting. You can definitely have some fun with your attire, especially in the warmer weather. Play with color in your shirt or add an updated patterned tie, like a floral or check. Of course, classic black, whites, and blues are absolutely appropriate – and erring on the side of caution won’t make your look any less appropriate. Just know you have options. SEE THE OUTFIT>>

Dressy Casual, Casual, Beachy.
This is usually reserved for day events or outdoor venues – especially destination and beach ones. You can do a great pair of linen or cotton pants with a button-down shirt, perhaps a tie, and sport coat – particularly, if it’s an urban affair. While color and pattern is absolutely acceptable, this is not the time to break out your Hawaiian shirt or shorts, unless your hosts ask you to. SEE THE OUTFIT>>

Head over to this week’s Fashion Finds, “3 Wedding Guest Outfits for Every Kind of Invite” to shop our edited picks. Let us know what you think through the comments section below and on social media.
J. Crew - Ludlow Wide-lapel Suit in Japanese Seersucker

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