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Kei Classic Fit Wool Blend Blazer
Sold by: Nordstrom

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Why is it a Find? Color and comfort are two key ingredients for a dapper and wearable Summer work wardrobe. This Canali sport coat tackles both with the luxury and everlasting quality they are known for. The lightweight Italian wool fabric, along with Canali’s impeccable tailoring, makes this a wonderfully comfortable Summer jacket. The bold blue and grey check is so handsome, and easy to dress up or down for a casual office day or important meeting.
Wear it with: This is an easy sport coat to match with the shirts, pants, and ties already in your closet. For a casual look, pair it with jeans or khakis and a button up or polo in white or blue. For those more formal days, pair it with neutral wool pants (grey, blue or tan), a white or blue dress shirt, and solid dark or medium blue tie.
Fit Tip: The fit is modern, always in style and not too trim. Gents who prefer an easy fit though, often size up.
Alternatives: If your size is already sold out through the ‘shop it’ button, there are still some left at Neiman Marcus
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Is Your Summer Wardrobe Workplace Ready?

It’s hot and sticky outside, yet cool and air-conditioned inside the office. So, what’s a gent to wear? Ah, summertime. Not only is it hard to get a professional look together for those important meetings and presentations on warm, humid days, but it can also be equally challenging to feel confident that your Casual Friday look isn’t too casual. Classic styles - like a blazer or button down up shirt– in lighter weight fabrics are always appropriate choices. Fabric technology has made seasonless wools lightweight and truly comfortable. And don’t shy away from work-right silhouettes made of linen. While it does wrinkle easier than other materials, high quality linens get soft creases that aren’t sloppy looking. You don’t want to have those seriously deep wrinkles all over your shirt or pants, but a slightly tumbled and worn look gives those structured business styles a summertime feel. Softer colors are also easy ways to update your go-to looks, so switch out that charcoal and black for beige or khaki. Replace a somber solid shirt with a colorful pattern. And when Friday rolls around, twill jeans or flat front cotton pants in light colors and a polo or bold button up will give you stylish comfort that is endlessly more professional than overly worn-in jeans and a t-shirt – save those for the weekends.

So, this week, we’ve got 3 outfits to cover them both, plus a look that will have you lookin’ good any day of the week. Shop them in this week’s Fashion Finds, “3 Work Outfits to Copy This Summer”. Let us know what you think through the comments section below and on social media.
Zachary Prell - Siyoung Sport Shirt
Zachary Prell - Siyoung Sport Shirt
Siyoung Sport Shirt
Zachary Prell
Sold by: Nordstrom

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