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Mark Shale Through the Years

Since 1929, when we opened our doors as the Al Baskin Store, the fashion industry has seen a lot of changes…and so have we. The store was initially named for our founder and later changed to Mark Shale, after Al’s 2 children. The Baskin family still owns Mark Shale today. Check out some of our favorite memorabilia. 

The 1930's

Mark Shale has always been an innovator in the fashion industry. Back in the 1930s, clothing stores used to keep products behind the counter. Mark Shale was one of the first stores to display products in FRONT of counters for our customers to actually hold and touch. And air conditioning, a convenience rarely seen in retail stores back then, was added in the mid-1930’s, creating a whole new shopping experience.

In the 1930s, men’s fashion was limited to suits and sport coats, which meant that men were always sporting full formalwear. Mark Shale was one of the first stores to offer casual sportswear for men.

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