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How To: Dress For That Important Meeting with Effortless Style…and Tons of Confidence

You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. And you want it to be a good one that will last. Whether you are making that first pitch (or hearing one), starting a partnership with a new client, or joining a new company, we have to acknowledge that how we look is just as important as what we say. From that first handshake to the last, feeling confident and appropriate allows you to focus on the important stuff – the business at hand. We’re here to help with the outfit, so you can concentrate on the work. To do that, we’ll be laying out 5 quintessential looks in our Fashion Finds of the week – for both conservative and creative work environments. You want to express your own style, of course, but we all know it’s just as critical to show that you fit in with and understand their work culture, too. A modern, yet timeless look will always give you a powerful feeling, and can become your go-to look for these type of work days, which will help you get ready quickly in the morning. Use that extra time to get in one extra “snooze”. 

Take a look at a few stylish and functional necessities to get you through any meeting. And then head over to “5 Looks: Conservative or Creative, Business Meeting Outfits Done Right” and see which outfit works best for you. If you like something, just click on the “Shop It” button to buy it from our suggested retailer. And let us know what you think through the comments section below and on social media.
Silicon Power - Silicon Power 64GB Jewel J80 USB 3.0 Flash Drive
The Jump Drive. Whether you’re bringing a presentation or plan on leaving with some collateral, have a jump drive with a lot of available space on it with you. Sure, you might use Dropbox or Google Docs, but you want to be safe in case there's a bad internet connection. Silicon Power’s has a titanium color metal casing that is as stylish as it is functional. It is super fast, holds lots of data, and is even waterproof – a great perk when you may have it on a conference table full of drinks. And it’s very small, so you can even add it to your key ring.
Moleskine - Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook, Large
The Notepad. Some people take notes directly into their tablets or in a word doc on their computers. But some of us are still quicker taking notes with a simple pen and paper. Combine both worlds with Moleskine’s Evernote Notebook. Take your notes, and then take a picture of them with your phone. You can upload the pictures into Evernotes – and, viola. Your notes are digitized to be sorted or searched on, like any Evernote document. The notebook is classically sleek-looking for the meeting, and the efficient usability will save you tons of time. If you want to truly go old school, you’ll never go wrong with a beautifully elegant Smythson notebook.
Valentine Goods - Macbook Pro with Retina Display Leather Cover
The Computer cover. We may think it’s fun to have a computer cover customized with a picture of our kids or in fun prints and colors. But if you’re taking it to a meeting, it’s an extension of you and your company. It doesn’t get more posh looking than this leather cover made by Valentine Goods, a company specializing in premium leather Apple accessories. Not only is it a good price for real leather, they use an exclusive 3M technology so the cover sticks really well, but can be pulled off and reapplied with ease. The ‘shop it’ button will take you to the Macbook Pro with Retina display version, but it’s also available for the Pro and Air. There are a lot of rich leather colors to choose from – this classic tan is our favorite. You’ll anxiously await pulling your computer out to casually show this off.
Loeffler Randall - East / West Work Tote
Loeffler Randall - East / West Work Tote
East / West Work Tote
Loeffler Randall
Sold by: Shopbop

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Fit Guide
The Workbag. Having a great-looking workbag is just as important as your coat and your outfit. And you’ll wear it almost everyday, so we generally believe in investing in a good quality one with a clean aesthetic. This Loeffler Randall delivers. It has a padded laptop sleeve, interior pockets, a flap and straps to keep it closed (especially important if you take public transportation), and handles long enough to fit on your shoulders. Oh, and did we mention how amazing looking it is? And how beautiful the leather is? And how the stud and lock details are all done in a matte black to keep this bag looking sleek? The black looks great year-round, and there is also a sophisticated spring/summer version in black/white/beige. (Here, you can see how the straps are long enough to wear on your shoulder.) While it’s on backorder at Nordstrom (we’re directing you to Shopbop with fast and free shipping and returns), they do have a great picture showing just how many things can really fit in this tote.
Elie Tahari - Amabel Sleeveless Sheath Dress W/ Jersey Sides
The Simple & Stylish Sheath. Style and professional allure are rolled into one with Elie Tahari’s sheath dress. It’s great for a first meeting, since the fabric colorblocking is very modern – using a dark textured chambray down the center, but a simple black jersey down the sides – while the clean knee length silhouette has a split-neck and raised color that is completely professional and timeless. The fitted armholes ensure your bra won’t show (yet they are still comfortable) and the dark jersey side panels provide secret stretch to this modern fitting style that also creates a slimming illusion. This dress looks great with Cole Haan’s peep-toe pump, which has a bit of stylish flare in a suede and leather mix. Theory has a similar style if you prefer some flare to the skirt. And J.Crew has their own colorblock version with a short-sleeve. Whatever your comfort level, you won’t go wrong with any of them.
J.Crew - Collection Icon Trench Coat
The Trench Coat. The first impression starts as you enter the meeting place. And a classic trench coat will always present well. J.Crew’s trench is perfectly versatile and will never go out of style, with its double-breasted closure, buckle detailing, and storm flap in the back. The Japanese cotton has a nice weight to it, so it looks crisp and polished. And the length works with anything you’ll be wearing - a dress, a skirt or pants suit, great jeans and a blazer. The classic khaki is absolutely timeless. For a more creative environment, you can go with the leather edgy details of this Mackage trench.  And we can’t move on without mentioning the most iconic trench coat of all – the classic Burberry. Be sure to size up on this one.

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