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Tootsie Fray Jeans
Sold by: Anthropologie

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Why is it a Find? These white MOTHER jeans are far from precious, highlighting everything we love about this season in denim. With a higher rise that sits just around the waist, and a cropped leg that isn’t too slim, they have a rough finish of a frayed hem and some shredding without actually going to that ripped and holey look.
Wear it with: Jeans work with everything, and just because these have a relaxed finish with the frayed edges, you don’t need to dress them down. Sure, they look great with your favorite tee or tank and sneakers or casual sandals. But play with contrast. Here, you can see them paired with a polished top, and you can go even dressier with some lace and heels or a button down and oxfords.
Fit Tip: MOTHER makes contemporary fitting jeans, but this shape isn’t too skinny and the denim has some nice stretch to it. If you wear 7 For All Mankind or Citizens of Humanity, you should be the same size.
Alternatives: Shopbop carries the same style from MOTHER, in a slightly beiger wash, also with some shredding and frayed hem, that is the perfect shade of cream. And they currently have a promotion using code BIGEVENT16 so you can get up to 25% off.
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Jeans for the New Season Ahead: What to Look For

A new season always means a new pair of jeans to us. Let’s start off with this piece of advice: Try not to focus on the model or brand name too much. If most of us compare ourselves to the young, tall, thin model who gets paid to look that way…well, we may just have a hard time ever leaving the house. And for some reason, jeans shopping can have a way of bringing out our insecurities in a way only bathing suit shopping does. Our tips on fit and what we love about them will help guide you to make your decisions. And that’s the beauty of online shopping. You get to try them on at home, in the privacy of your own mirror with all your shoes & tops to play around. And you can return them if you don’t like them. Also keep in mind that, just like a fancy dress or a great piece of work gear, jeans can – and often should – be tailored. We recommend washing (no dryer) your jeans before you get alterations done. Like any garment, ensure they fit to your biggest body part, since it's easier to take in than let out. The most common fix is shortening the length. Just bring the shoes you’ll most often wear and let them know you want to “keep the original hem” on any jeans so they’ll still have the same distressing and finishing at the bottom. Tailors can usually even take in waists.

As for the brand, especially when it comes to jeans, ladies can sometimes get caught up in whether a certain brand is for “young” people or “old” people. We care about how each style of jeans actually looks. We’re picking brands, and specific styles within those brands, that will look good on the Mark Shale lady – they’re not super trim and Junior, but they’re not cut to make you feel frumpy, either. They are styles that will give your wardrobe an appropriate update. After all, we all want to look current and feel great, but that’s different than desperately chasing trends, right? So, if you recognize a brand that your daughter, niece, or mother also wears, that’s OK. It’s all in the specific choices and how to wear them – and that’s what we’re here for.

So, what kind of Denim Finds are we going after for that refresh?
Cropped: Straight legs that aren’t too fitted, flared, and skinny, it’s all about the shorter length that hits anywhere between just below the calf muscle to just above the ankle bone. Ladies of all heights look great in a cropped length, and everyone can wear flat shoes or heels – just make sure they are tailored to at/above the ankle if you are petite.
Wide & Flared legs: Flares and easy, wide legs are great options, especially where jeans are appropriate at work since they can create a trouser-like look. It’s a shape that works on every figure, too, since the volume at the bottom of the leg helps balance your proportions if you have fuller hips/behind; yet, they also creates shape – especially when paired with a higher rise – for those with flatter behinds or straighter hips.
Unfinished hems: Raw edges and dropped hems (that’s when it looks like the cuff seam is opened up, revealing different shades of denim) create a casual feel – and make it really easy to shorten your jeans on your own by cutting with a scissor and then washing in cold water to get the natural fray back – no dryer, ladies!
Light washes: From white to sunbleached, pale denims, this lighter crop of color give jeans an amazingly fresh look that lighten up black and navy, and look great with all the brights and pastels of the season.
Lightweight denim: Not just jeans, various silhouettes – shirts, pants in relaxed shapes, dresses, skirts, shorts – all come in a really moveable and easy fabric, giving you the versatility of denim with the easy feel of a warm weather fabric.

Let’s get into our edited Denim Finds by heading over to this week’s Fashion Finds, “Denim Finds Picked Just for You”. Let us know what you think through the comments section below and on social media.
Citizens of Humanity - Emerson Slim Boyfriend Ankle Jeans
Citizens of Humanity - Emerson Slim Boyfriend Ankle Jeans
Emerson Slim Boyfriend Ankle Jeans
Citizens of Humanity
Sold by: Shopbop

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