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Mesh Inset V-Neck Fit & Flare Dress
Taylor Dresses
Sold by: Nordstrom

Fit Guide
Why is it a Find? This Taylor dress has a textured stripe at the bottom and along the waist, giving this timeless dress a special finish. But don’t worry. No matter your height, you won’t lose this detail, and it will still fit your proportions just right. The tailor can keep this bottom and reattach it, shortening the floral pattern fabric of the skirt. And if the bodice is too long, or the v-neckline too deep, the tailor can even open up the shoulder seams in the scuba fabric top, pulling up the dress for a perfect fit.
Wear it with: Any dressy shoes will work with this beautiful dress, whether you want to add a pop of color for a daytime wedding, or metallic strappy heels for a nighttime affair…this dress will work for them all.
Fit Tip: Taylor Dresses are cut in the modern shape that is easy and not too fitted. If you are between sizes, you can size down. And remember, if you have a bigger chest or waist, go with the size that will accommodate that – the other aspects of the dress can be taken in.
Alternatives: If your size is already sold out through the 'shop it' button, Amazon carries it, too.
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How To Get the Perfect Fit with Every Purchase

In the world of online shopping, we know the struggle to make the right purchase is real. "How do I know how this will look on me?" "What size am I?" These are the reasons we started this fashion advice site – to pick products and give advice on fit, as well as how to wear the pieces – so you can feel confident and shop with ease. And there are a couple things to keep in mind:

1. Size is just a number. Don’t get hung up on it. Heck, cut the tag out if you want to. The important thing is that it fits. Many of us have a range of sizes in our closets – every brand is different and every style is different. For ex., you may size down in a pair of boyfriend jeans, but go with your normal size or even size up in a pair of skinny jeans by the same brand. That’s OK! And here’s why it happens…we are not fit models. They’re measurements are in “perfect” proportion. Most of us do not have that pleasure. Also, vanity sizing – garments being tagged a size 8, when those same measurements used to be a size 10 – is more prevalent than ever.

2. Find a great tailor and make him/her your best friend. When you see celebrities on TV and in magazines and their clothes look flawless, they have most likely been tailored…a lot. The designer, Zac Posen, was quoted in Glamour magazine saying, “The right tailoring can make any garment work for any body. And it can make you feel confident…in real life every body is different, and women have curves.” When we used to have retail stores, no one was more beloved than our in-house tailors. Experts in their field, they could alter the heck out of a dress, jeans, a suit. And the truth is, once you find a tailor you love, whether it’s someone near where you live or near your office, he/she can make any purchase feel custom-made. No job is too big or too small in our minds. We’ve been known to bring our favorite tailors a cotton tank top to have the straps shortened, just as quickly as we’ll bring in a cocktail dress. We’re not saying you should have to spend a fortune to have everything you own tailored, but we do think it’s important for you to know this is an option – and when you compare yourself to others, know it’s probably they got their clothes looking so great on them.

Keeping these things in mind is crucial as you shop on-line, and it makes the convenience of online shopping so much more, well, convenient…and freeing. While we offer fit tips, every body is different so we always try to direct you to sites with great shipping and return policies (often, free). You can order more than 1 size until you get to know your shape and certain brands better. In general though, remember that it’s much easier (and realistic) to take something in or shorten it than it is to let something out. That’s why the 2 rules are so handy.

Some common tailoring fixes:
• If you have full hips and a tiny waist – buy for your hips. Your tailor can take in the waist…even on jeans. Slits can even be added to skirts for easier movement.
• Broad shoulders? Buy jackets to accommodate them. Your tailor can shorten sleeves, tighten armholes, and take in the whole body, if necessary.
• Armholes on sleeveless tops can be made smaller if your bra shows.
• Jeans can be shortened without anyone noticing, just by asking the tailor to “leave the original hem on”. Washes with less distressing around the knees make for easier tailoring, so the whiskering and fading won’t look out of proportion. (And we always try to give advice on this with each jeans Find we offer.)
• Even the hem of a tee can be shortened so it hits in a more flattering spot to wear it untucked.

Our Fashion Finds this week, “Wardrobe Heroes that Will Look Custom-Made”, all focus on items that can get some quick-fix tailoring to become your favorite pieces in your closet. We’re not saying you will necessarily need to tailor each of them, but we’re pointing out the most common tailoring needs so you can keep it in mind when you are trying them on, in the convenience of your own home where you have the rest of your wardrobe and shoe options at your fingertips. Let us know what you think through the comments section below and on social media.
Lafayette 148 New York - Mackenzie Lavish One-Button Linen Jacket
Lafayette 148 New York - Mackenzie Lavish One-Button Linen Jacket
Mackenzie Lavish One-Button Linen Jacket
Lafayette 148 New York
Sold by: Neiman Marcus

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4/7/2016 7:23 AM
Julie E.
This is really a worthless and condescending email. Why "Ladies"? You do not provide any great tips for finding the right fit - find a go... Read more
4/5/2016 7:18 PM
Cynthia Wetmore